Keep Your Animals Secure

nstall a farm fence in Spanaway, South Hill, & Puyallup, WA

When you're a farmer, your days are already hectic. The last thing you want is to discover some of your animals have gotten loose. If you need a new farm fence in Spanaway, South Hill, & Puyallup, WA, turn to Goodrow's Fencing & Landscaping. We can install wood or metal fences that will keep your animals safe while helping improve the appearance of your property. To learn more about ranch fence installation, get in touch with our team right away.

Farm Fencing

5 types of fencing

You have a lot of options to consider when you're trying to pick your new farm fence. The most common options you can choose between are:

  • Spit rail
  • Wire rail
  • Board rail
  • Round rail
  • Diamond rail


Do you need help choosing the right type of ranch fence? Talk to our professional fencing contractor today about your needs by calling (253) 219-6682.